Update 2: First Night

After the first day of WJMC I can definitely say it was worth flying all the way from California. Our color group, Orange CRUSH, is definitely the best we are 23 of the best people in the whole program. Its 4 four guys (myself included), 17 girls, our junior adviser Michael, and our adviser Sue. We played a name game with a tennis ball, which we once did in 28 seconds, and then we went to dinner. At dinner we had pasta, salad, chicken, and rolls, and for dessert we had cake. After dinner we had our first speaker Tina Rosenberg, who told us about solutions journalism, which shows solutions to problems and how they work. After the speaker, we had the advisers introduce themselves to all the groups, Orange CRUSH is still the best, and then we went to our first group meeting. In the group meeting we played a fun musical chairs-like game, which involved swapping chairs if you fell into the category the person in the middle said, like I have seen every Star Wars Movie, and if you didn’t get a chair you had to come up with a category. After this we discussed the elevator pitch and went over tomorrow’s activities. Tomorrow we are going to Washington, D.C. to see the newsuem, hear a from our featured speaker Hoda Kotb, and see the mall with all the monuments.


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