Update 3: Second Day

Day 2 started with breakfast at 7am, followed by a color group meeting (Orange CRUSH). After this we went on the bus to Arlington, VA. On the bus everyone, boys and girls, was playing Pokémon Go. When we arrived in Arlington, we were later, so we had to rush off the bus and into the keynote room. When we got in the keynote room, we sat down and waited for Hoda Kotb. Hoda then came in and talked to us. She was very nice, funny, and really related to the audience. She played her favorite song right now, “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor. Hoda was very down-to-earth. She told us this story of how she went down to Richmond, VA to try to get a job at a T.V. station, which she failed to get. After she failed to get it she was told to go to Roanoke, VA, where she was rejected, then to Memphis, TN, where she was rejected, and then went to multiple cities throughout the south. She was rejected from every single station. Then when she had given up after 10 days, she went to a station in a small town in Mississippi (I think). She said she tried for a job just to get a map because she was lost, but she was accepted. Her main message was never give up. She talked about how she progressed through the system and eventually at NBC asked for the promotion to host the, at the time, new 4th Hour of the Today Show, in 2007. She got the promotion, and hasn’t looked back since that small town in the south where she got accepted. She mainly said if you stay in the journalism business you will succeed, and told us to conquer fears and then tell those fears afterwards, “hey, you don’t scare me.” Going into the keynote I had known Hoda as the Today Show co-host who drank wine at 10am, but now I see that she has been, and still is a serious journalist on NBC’s Dateline. Also you can see me on one of her Instagram posts . After Hoda, we ate deli lunches in Arlington. After lunch we went to Washington, DC, where we went to the newseum for several hours. The newseum has several interesting exhibits, my favorites were the interactive CNN Election 2016 and the 9/11 exhibits. The 9/11 one was very sad and everyone was on the verge of tears or was tearing up seeing those horrific images. The CNN Election 2016 exhibit has several interactive maps, and a candidate matchmaker, I got Donald Trump. After the newsuem, we went to dinner, which was burgers and hot dogs. It was very good, and color group, also known as the Orange Cream Meme Team, made several funny memes in our chat. After Dinner we went to the White House. After the White House we went to the WWII Memorial. The WWII Memorial is very interesting and fascinating.After the WWII Memorial we went to the Lincoln Memorial. We saw Lincoln, and went around to the back side and saw the spectacular sunset. After dark we went to the gift shop in the memorial (which I didn’t know existed). After the Lincoln Memorial we went back to George Mason to rest. Over the first two days, I have made some friends, like Eric from St. Louis, Mo, and Connor from Virginia. The first few days have been fun and I am looking forward to tomorrow where we will go to the National Geographic Headquarters, and go to the National Press club.



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