Update 4: Third Day

The day started with breakfest at 7am, again. This morning the meal was Canadian bacon, eggs, pancakes, and hash browns. Immediately following breakfast went to the bus to go to Washington, DC.  We first went to the National Geographic headquarters. At National Geographic we heard a speech from the Editor in Chief of the National Geographic Magazine, Susan Goldberg. She talked about the five principles of storytelling: make a difference, do what others can’t, be part of the conversation, act urgently, know your audience. She also gave us three pieces of advice: be resilient, be curious, and be skeptical (not cynical). She was very personal, and great at telling the stories of the different articles. After National Geographic, we went to lunch at a mediocre Italian restaurant. We had salad, bread, pasta, chicken parm, and cheesecake. After lunch, we went to the National Press Club. First we listened to Brian Lamb from C-Span, he asked question about our political views and asked how we felt on topics. This helped us see how we can divided our opinion. He first asked who supports Donald Trump, I and 5-8 other people raised their hands. When he asked who supports Hillary Clinton, 10-15 people raised their hands, but when he asked who supported Bernie Sanders everyone else, about 220 people raised their hands. He was very intelligent, and made uneducated people look like they were embarrassing themselves. After Mr. Lamb, came a panel of three journalists from Google, The Huffington Post, and CNN-Newsource. All were very left-leaning, and had nothing really to say. They mostly avoided the questions and didn’t add much to each other. Finally after this we went back to George Mason. When we went back to George Mason we immediately had dinner. Dinner was a buffet with several options. After dinner we listen to a speech by Mike Shear, White House Correspondent for The New York Times. Mr. Shear gave a great speech about how sometimes he gets access in the White House, and other times he is blocked out. He also threw a jab at The Huffington Post for stealing articles, and had some jokes mixed in. He was a great speaker, and a great way to end the day. After this we had our color group meeting, Orange CRUSH, and we ended the day.


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