Update 5: Fourth Day

Day 4 began with breakfast, again. Today it was eggs, tater tots, pancakes, and sausage. After breakfast we went to our group meeting, Orange CRUSH, and began to work on our simulation. Our simulation was of a newsroom in a newspaper, where the three head editors listened to articles from groups of two. I got the marathon article with my partner, the story was very lacking and bare compared to others, which gave other groups an unfair advantage. Our first presentation, which was only two minutes, and we only had 10 minutes to prepare for, was solid. The story, which was made up, was about a 17 year old Zimbabwean Runner who ran a sub 2 hour marathon, on his first attempt. After the first presentations, we went to a speaker. The speaker was photojournalist Carol Guzy, she spoke about her job and the human aspect of documenting big events in the world. After this she showed us a 30 minute slideshow that left everyone in tears. The slideshow showed triumphs like the fall of the Berlin Wall, and tragic events like the animals of Hurricane Katrina, post-9/11 ground zero, and limb-less children of Sierra Leone. She received a well deserved standing ovation. After this we went to lunch at the buffet on campus. This was the first time since day 1 that we didn’t leave campus. After lunch, we went to our color groups, Orange CRUSH, to have 15 minutes to prepare our second (and final) article presentation, in our simulation. We then presented for 3 minutes and were asked questions by the head editors for 2 minutes. We had a strong presentation, unlike Eric and Olivia. They had two disastrous presentations, and their article was about a women preparing to go to mars. Olivia ruined the first presentation by saying the astronaut would experience foreign culture through the Martians (I am not joking). Then the during the second presentation Eric said “this would be the biggest thing since Louis Armstrong on the moon.” The only problem is Louis Armstrong was a jazz musician, while Neil Armstrong went on the moon. He was so annoyed with himself that when the head editors told him that it was Neil not Louis, he walked out for 5 minutes (I’m not kidding)😂😂😂😂. After the presentations, the top three, who would be put on the front page, were announced, but before this the head editors deliberated in front of us. They announced their top 3 three articles, which did not include my and Karina’s article. It was really disappointing because one of the articles they picked was factually incorrect. It was pretty obvious they chose their friends, but who cares. After this we heard from Kevin McCarthy, who is a the entertainment (movies, not gossip) reporter on FOX 5 (D.C.) and “FOX and Friends” on FOX News Channel. He was really funny and totally nerded out on movies and the people he interviewed, like Harrison Ford and Ellen DeGeneres. He even told us this funny story of how CNN confused his twitter for the republican congressman of the same name. This led to hateful tweets from the congressmen’s opponents, which he took the time to reply to most of with funny movies references. After Mr. McCarthy, we had dinner at the buffet. After this we had another color group meeting, Orange CRUSH, talking about tomorrow’s (today as of the publish date) plans. After this everyone in each group went to a different speaker to hear about career exploration in journalism. I hear from Rodger Smith, who teaches at GMU and is the WGMU radio station faculty advisor. He talked about radio journalism. After this we heard from Charles Bramesco, of Rolling Stone Magazine. He was very lack lusted, sound like he was stoned and said that if you thought Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime performance (which gave a salute to the racist hate group, Black Panthers) was controversial in any way you “don’t get black culture” (actual quote). After this we went back to our dorm buildings were I hung out with Eric, Karina, and Olivia until 11pm which was curfew. That’s all for today, tomorrow we go back to D.C. and go to the National Mall, where we meet with our congressmen/congresswomen.


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